Endings and Collaborations

Updated 2014/08/12

All good things must come to an end; this Wednesday is the final installment of Summer Reading Club. Matthew, the summer student in charge of the program, is in his final week. Come see him off by participating in this grand scavenger hunt, “The Puzzling Mystery”.

Speaking of summer students, Katie (the Library Lady), will be leading her final ToddlerTime on Monday. But not to worry! The wonderful Satu will be taking over from here onwards for all of your song and story needs.

Enough with the endings! This Thursday evening at 7:00, Carol Miles and Kathy Page, collaborators in this month’s art exhibition at the library, will be doing a talk, Talking Pictures, Painting Words. These two artistic women will be in discussion about the relationship between words and images.

Our feature author, Shirley Graham, knows quite a bit about that relationship if her new book, Book of Blue is anything to go by. Natives of California, Graham and her husband Peter Levitt have made a home for theirselves on Salt Spring since falling in love with the island in 1996. To learn more about Graham and her blue musings, visit her feature page on our website.