First Lull of Summer

Updated 2014/08/18

As summer winds down, so does the library. This summer has been filled with an abundance of activities for both adults and children: Book launches, author talks, visiting artists, the Summer Reading Club, Summer Library Camp, the Travelling Puppet Show… the list goes on. So as the sun dawns over this penultimate week of August, bringing with it only one event, the people of the library breathe a collective sigh of relief. Now is the time for us to regroup and prepare for the busy fall schedule.

The one activity happening this week is an interesting one: Support for Writers: Funding Through Grants. Hosted by poet Lorraine Gane, this workshop will present the kinds of financial support available to writers from arts councils and organizations, among them grants for writing, professional development, and travel. Participants will receive a resource list with options for funding, and have a chance to ask questions after the presentation. For more information about this workshop, visit the event page.

One thing to note: for those of you who have enjoyed ToddlerTime this summer, it may interest you to know that we are saying goodbye to our summer student, Katie, and Satu Troyer will have the pleasure of hosting the story time from now on.

And lastly, our featured author of the week is David Kos. Kos’ novel, The Desserts of War, is based on his experience with the Vietnamese people while teaching in the country. He was struck by their very resilience. “They had suffered through 1,000 years of Chinese rule, 100 years of French control, and 15 years of the American War. Yet they have the ability to see the next day as a chance for improvement, a resourcefulness to better their lives, as well as a deep sense of forgiveness.” His intended audience, he says, is Western society. “There has been a lot of suffering, and we haven’t taken on the full consequence of what we’ve done: Americans in Vietnam, British colonialism, Canada’s mistreatment of First Nations. Writing can be a catharsis.” To learn more about David Kos, visit his feature page.

Enjoy your week everyone!