An Historic Week

Updated 2014/09/15

Now that we are in to the last week of summer, our fall programming can officially begin!

First up on the extravagant list comes A Visit to Shakespeare’s London. Join local actor, playwright and novelist C. C. (Chris) Humphreys and visit London 1660. Hear what life was like – the sights, the food, the politics, the smells! He will introduce the world that gave birth to Shakespeare’s amazing plays. The time travel takes place at 7:00pm on the 18th.

Our featured author of the week is none other than Ronald Wright – Historian, essayist, and the award-winning author of nine books of nonfiction and fiction published in 16 languages and more than 40 countries. Much of his work explores the relationships between past and present, peoples and power, other cultures and our own. You can find more information on Ronald Wright on his feature page or on his website.

If you don’t have enough library in your life, take a look at our event calendar to get excited about everything that’s coming up this fall!