Books, Films and Education

Updated 2014/09/24

Well folks, tomorrow is the first official day of fall. The leaves are already pleasant shades of red and brown. The only thing left is for the days to become increasingly shorter until we reach the solstice of winter. That, however, is the far and distant future. Let’s just focus on this coming week, shall we?

Our book club meeting this Thursday features a discussion of Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden. The novel follows the story of Will, a former bush pilot, who is in a coma. Over the course of the novel Will recounts to his nieces, Annie and Suzanne, the events of the previous year which led to him being in a coma. Meanwhile, in the present day, Annie recounts the previous year of her life and her sojourns to Toronto, Montreal, and New York City to a comatose Will in an attempt to help to revive him.

On the evening of that very same Thursday, we present to you a very special event: at 7:00pm, we are hosting the first National Film Board Film Club. You can join us in the program room for two films: Join us in the Program Room for two films: I Am But a Little Woman (4m 3s) (Nunavut Animation Lab) and The Wings of Johnny May (83m 50s).

Last, but certainly not least, comes our featured author: Margriet Ruurs. Margriet writes children’s and educational materials. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University and has studied the use of technology in teaching reading and writing to children. “I love to use my imagination and to dream up stories” says this creator of many books for children. To learn more, you can visit her feature page.