Doctors and Writers

Updated 2014/10/27

Book Launches

An Irish Doctor In Peace And At War

We are very lucky this week to host a the launch of the latest novel by best selling author Patrick Taylor. Patrick will be at the library 4pm on Tuesday to read from “An Irish Doctor In Peace And At War”. This latest addition to the Irish Country Doctor series sees Doctor O’Reilly heeding the call to serve his country by tending to the crew of HMS Warspite, a 30,000 ton battleship.


What I Learned From Cancer

On Saturday Dennis Maione will be reading from his book What I Learned From Cancer. Join him at 3:30pm in the Program Room.

What I Learned From Cancer is part narrative, part reflection, and part primer. Readers first follow the story of Dennis Maione’s 20-year journey through two cancers and the diagnosis of a genetic condition that ensures, one way or another, his journey is ongoing. Marked by wit and wisdom alongside poignance and passion, this tale has laugh-aloud humour while acknowledging the struggle to find life and hope in the midst of trying times.

Too Spooky for Games Night!

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us! – Traditional Scottish Prayer

We’ve been hosting games nights on Fridays, but this Friday happens to be Halloween. So purely in recognition of the wealth and variety of other activities happening on the island that evening we’re forgoing Games Night, just this once.

Nothing to do with us being scared … honest.

50,000 Words and Counting

Saturday is the 1st of November, and it’s also the start of National Novel Writing Month. Each November hundreds of thousands of budding novelists set aside a couple of hours a day to work on the rough draft of a new novel. This year a group of Salt Spring writers are banding together to give each other encouragement, and maybe some cake, as they work on their wordcounts. Join them on Saturday at 1:30 pm in the Program Room for the Launch Party.