Updated 2015/03/19

Here’s a mystery for you. What does 364.1523 mean? Well, we’re a library and that’s not a whole number.

364.1523 is, in fact, the Dewey Decimal category for … murder.

If you’re intrigued by libraries, or puzzles, or murder, or any combination thereof, you’re in for a treat on All Fools’ Day.

Murder Mystery Night

Celebrate April Fools’ Day with a unique fundraising event at the Salt Spring Island Public Library. Join us for an evening of mystery, murder, wine, and cheese! This murder mystery event puts you in the role of the detective.

There has been a murder at the book signing of writer Agatha Mystry. Can you put the clues together and solve the crime?

This tongue-in-cheek interactive mystery play features local luminaries in a variety of surprising roles, including Arthur Black in the role of Chief of Police Sam Slayed and our own Karen Hudson as Chief Librarian Lotta Books.

Tickets to this hair-raising event are $20, on sale March 18th, and are available at the Library Circulation Desk. Only a limited number of tickets are available, so get yours early to avoid disappointment.

Wine is sold by the glass and is provided by Salt Spring Vineyards.

Cheese is courtesy of Moonstruck Cheese.