On The Other Hand …

Updated 2015/04/07

There are many ways to look at things. Each of us has our own perspective and our own versions of the truths we see before us. This month’s Art Talk highlights the similarities and differences of perceptions.

Art Talk | Interpretations II (Wed 6pm)

The basic idea was to compare and contrast the range of interpretations each artist made of the same subject. There were few rules: elements of the image could be eliminated, re-arranged or duplicated, or new elements could be introduced – the objective was to see how to make the strongest painting possible from the starting image. It didn’t matter if the image quality was poor, or if one didn’t like the subject matter; make a good painting anyway!

This activity was facilitated each week by having one member chose the image, which was then distributed to the others a couple of days before getting together. That image was painted in whichever style, medium and size that suited each individual artist and the interpretation they had planned. Before work began, each painter described their thoughts on composition and style. The others could draw ideas or change their pre-conceived direction out of this discussion. The completed paintings were then returned the next week for discussion.

The talk takes place in the Program Room at 6pm on Wednesday the 8th of April. The exhibition continues throughout the month.

The Revenge of the Electric Car (Thu 7pm)

From artistic perspectives to futuristic ones. On Thursday evening Transition Salt Spring and the Salt Spring Public Library are co-sponsoring a showing of the film “The Revenge of the Electric Car”.

Following the film several local owners will answer questions and give you the straight goods on what it is like to own and use an electric car.

If you liked ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’ you’ll love this . it’s everything the first one was, but better: it’s better filmed, there’s more behind the scenes access to key players, the main protagonists are very interesting . Go see this movie!

On the Shelf

Some recent acquisitions:

  • A Gillnet’s Drift : Tales of Fish and Freedom on the BC Coast by W.N. Marach. In 1972, Nick Marach had just returned from two years abroad. He wasn’t looking for a job, but he was looking for a live-aboard; the idea of living on a boat had emerged during his travels. However, when an ad for an old gillneeter appeared in the Vancouver Sun, Nick’s plans changed, and the idea of fishing the BC coast took hold.
  • Words will break cement : the passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen Drawing on access to the band’s members and their families and associates, recreates the feminist punk activists’ fierce act of political confrontation in Moscow, which made national headlines as they were punished for their act of defiance.
  • Becoming Wild : Living the Primitive Life on a West Coast Island by Nikki van Schyndel. Set in the Broughton Archipelago—a maze of isolated islands near northern Vancouver Island—Becoming Wild is a story of survival in the pristine wilderness of BC. Sometimes predator and sometimes prey, twenty-nine-year-old Nikki and her companion Micah fend off the harsh weather, hungry wildlife, threat of starvation and the endless perils of this rugged Raincoast. To survive, Nikki must rely on her knowledge of BC’s coastal flora and fauna, and the ancient techniques of hunting and gathering. In this remote world she learns to skin bears, make clothes from cedar bark and take great joy in gobbling a fish tail whole.