Fear and Hoping in the Program Room

Updated 2015/04/20

Looking to the future, we have two documentaries this week that examine key issues in climate change.

Earth Day Film: Blue Gold – World Water Wars

As part of Salt Spring’s Earth Day Celebration, on Wednesday Evening we are showing the documentary Blue Gold – World Water Wars at 6pm in the Program Room.

Wars of the future will be fought over water, not oil, as the source of all life enters center stage on the global political arena. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments all vie for control of our dwindling fresh water supply. Is there enough water for everyone? Based on the ground breaking book by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke and narrated by Malcolm McDowell, Blue Gold will make you thirsty for action!

On Thursday evening the focus moves from water to energy with the next documentary in the Transition Salt Spring Film Series.

The Future of Energy (Thu 6:30pm)

An inspiring, solution oriented film. The youth of America … students, professionals, trades persons … together with visionary elders, are remaking the energy picture in the Great Turning.

Also on Thursday is this month’s Book Club meeting, featuring Victoria author Esi Edugyan.

Book Club: Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan (Thu 13:00-15:00)

The aftermath of the fall of Paris, 1940. Hieronymous Falk, a rising star on the cabaret scene, was arrested in a cafe and never heard from again. He was twenty years ols. He was a German citizen. And he was black. Fifty years later, Sid, Hiero’s bandmate and the only witness that day, is going back to Berlin. Persuaded by his old friend Chip, Sid discovers there’s more to the journey than he thought.