Updated 2015/05/25

This week’s featured events explore transitions and crossings, from the growing imagination of children to the discovery of the landscapes that surrounds us and our own final transition.

Hospice Film Series: Death by Joy | Tuesday 7pm Program Room

Death By JoyDeath by Joy would serve as a the final film of the series, produced by Jim Cribb of Pender Island. It is an escorted journey to the next world. Your guide is Mary, a quirky, selfless, funny, and irrepressible fifty-five-year-old who is told she will be dead in weeks
without aggressive medical intervention.

But Mary chooses to forgo that route. The physical has a time and place; what matters more to Mary is that essence—call it awareness, spirit, soul, inner being—that she believes carries into the life beyond.
And so Mary embarks on a clear-headed quest for the true meaning of healing. Her joyful and startling discoveries can change profoundly your understanding of life, healing, and death.

This is a provocative look at a passionate journey; a tale of warmth, laughter, and music; a sharing in the fascinating visions of Mary’s travels across the “borderline.” It is an embracement of death, not steeped in sadness for what is to be lost but illuminated with
the joy of what can be found.

Jim Cribb will be present for this presentation.

Canoe Crossings: Understanding the Craft That Helped Shape British Columbia | Wednesday 5:30pm Program Room

Join Salt Spring Island Public Library for a night with B.C. author and paddler Sanford Osler for an illustrated talk and reading from his recent book, Canoe Crossings: Understanding the Craft That Helped Shape British Columbia. On May 27th at 5:30 p.m., meet the author from Deep Cover, who sparked a lifelong interest with the canoe in our history at a young age. This interest led him to obtain an MA from the University of British Columbia and collect information over several years, recently becoming the book Canoe Crossings.

Sanford Osler _credit Eric Startup

For thousands of years the canoe has been an iconic feature of the history and people of Canada. These simple vessels allowed First Nations to thrive and early explorers to travel Canada’s vast waterways from east to west to the Far North. Canoe Crossings traces the evolution of the various types of canoes (broadly defined to include kayaks and dragon boats) found in BC from their first appearance to the present, and looks at the impact they have had on the province and its people. “The canoe is a threshold vessel – a skin, a fabric and some bark between water and sky … The canoe has always brought diverse groups of people together, both for joy and common purpose, and it always will.” – From the forward by Shelagh Rogers, host of CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter.

In Canoe Crossings, Vancouver author Sanford Osler takes the celebration of the canoe to a new level through an exploration of the craft’s unique develop­ment in British Columbia. Through an artful blending of memoir, history, and stories from the field, Osler positions BC at the lead­ing edge of a flourishing new canoe culture with the power to engage and inspire. Osler’s illustrated talk will appeal to anyone who has ever sought adventure, found solace, or seen beauty in a canoe. Special thanks to The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers’ Union of Canada for their financial assistance for this event.

Starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Library Program Room, the event is free, and donations are always welcome. For more info email, or phone 250-537-4666.


Special ToddlerTime “Owl’s Dream,” read by Valentina Atton, with face painting by Sophia Johnson. |

Owls_DreamIf animals could speak, what would they say? Owl’s Dream, by Valentina Atton with illustrations by Sophia Johnson, delves into the inner nature of the animal world, exploring our connections with animals, nature and the world around us. Lushly illustrated, Owl’s Dream invites children of all ages into the woods and fields to encounter animals, large and small, each with a story to tell. Told in engaging poetry, the book encourages participation from parents, grandparents and educators

The author, Valentina Atton is an aromatherapist and writer from Pender Island BC, Moonbeam Children’s Book award-winner, former artistic director of amateur theatre for both kids and families, children’s festivals organizer, face painter, set decorator, magic creator, butterfly lover.