Film: Abundant Land – Soil, Seed and Sovereignty

Updated 2018/10/05

2018/10/16 @ 19:00
Community Program Room

Abundant Land is a one-hour documentary about a Hawaiian community on Moloka’i opposing the biotech industry’s use of the island to test genetically engineered seeds. Agrochemical biotech corporations, including Monsanto and Mycogen Seeds, are depleting Moloka’i’s topsoil and fresh water while contributing to dust storms that spread pesticides into the ocean and surrounding communities. Abundant Land also offers a historical look at the intrusion and political underpinnings of chemical-intensive farming in Hawaii while portraying the rich legacy of traditional Hawaiian land management and farming self-sufficiency.

The film’s narrative develops through a series of personal and community stories as the documentary follows several dedicated residents who seek transparency about the agrochemical testing being done on their island, and their ensuing efforts to heal and repair it. From initial grassroots efforts that give rise to organized actions, Moloka’i residents learn through leadership and study, to use permaculture techniques to restore an integrated food system based on ancient Hawaiian farming practices.

Come join us to see if there are things we can learn from the residents of Moloka’I that might be applicable to Salt Spring, as we are both islanders with farm lands to protect and repair with finite resources available to us.

Presented by the Education Committee of Transition Salt Spring.

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