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Night of the Raptors and Marooned in a Strange Land by James Dickinson

The Mind-Speaker Series, Book 1: MAROONED in a strange land: What seemed like an exciting survey mission on a new world, turns ugly, when a freak solar storm wipes out all of the colonist’s technology. Marooned hundreds of kilometers from any help, Jamie and Amanda are forced to use their limited resources and a great deal of imagination to survive in this harsh environment.

Book 2: NIGHT of the RAPTORS: Every fifteen years on Mandeler’s planet there are great black winged creatures, the Raptors, which come in the night to kill and take people away to their distant lair. On his sixteenth birthday, Mandeler is gifted with a remarkable green stone, but it also coincides with the return of the Great Raptors. Driven by his tormented dreams of flying with the Raptors, he sets out on a quest to warn others of the advancing attacks.

James Dickinson has been many things including: social worker, cartoonist, industrial designer, university instructor, general adventurer, and writer. In the 1980’s he was an award winning cartoonist for the Gulf Island Driftwood. Over the next two decades, James published over 700 strip and editorial cartoons in Alberta and British Columbia. Through museum exhibits and documentaries, he became noted for his innovative storytelling. Writing is his passion and it led to several short stories being published, two local history books and finally the Mind-Speaker series.  James lives on Salt Spring Island with his wife Judy.

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