Liliana Kleiner

Updated 2018/07/03

2018/07/19 @ 19:00

Song of Inanna by Liliana Kleiner

“The Song of Inanna” recounts the original ancient myth of the Goddess Inanna, from 6000 years ago, and presents a Jungian Feminist analysis of it, relevant to modern times. The book includes a collection of my original artwork inspired by her stories. Published in Jerusalem, November 2017.

LILIANA KLEINER is an international artist born in Argentina, raised in Israel, living in Canada. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts, and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Jungian Dream Work. Liliana has published artists books, (The Song of Inanna, 2017; The Song of Songs, 2010; The Song of Lilith, 2008 ), produced art films ( Teresa Inanna, 2016; Jerusalem Portrait,2011; Tango d’Amour, 2006; “Lilith and the Tree,1993) and her oil paintings, woodcuts and organic handmade papers are in public and private collections in America, Europe and Israel. She practices as a Jungian therapist, giving Dream Interpretation workshops in B.C., Jerusalem and Mexico.

Liliana Kleiner July 2018