Linda Rogers

Updated 2018/03/15

2018/06/22 @ 16:00 – 17:30
Library Program Room

These incandescent stories in Crow Jazz come from tree level, the corvid community, where sex and death are celebrated with mirth and compassion. They have clever crow energy, selecting beak sized twitter-bits from life on earth below, with an eye to the bigger picture. Highly inventive; children, families, crows, and the old, bewitch and astonish the imagination. Improvisation, syncopation; all the jazz words come into word play. The twenty-plus polished tales in Linda Roger’s quirky and clever short fiction collection are a wild breath of fresh air for literary Canada.

Linda Rogers is a novelist, essayist, editor and songwriter and also past Victoria Poet Laureate and Canadian People’s Poet. She has published twenty-nine books, appeared in a number of anthologies, and been awarded national and international literary prizes.