Zoom: Queer Writing Circle Reading

Updated 2021/04/06

2021/04/12 @ 7:00 pm
Zoom Video Meeting

Queer Voices: UnMuted

The QUEER WRITING CIRCLE has been meeting for nearly two years. We write together, read what we’ve written aloud, witness and inspire one another. We are queer writers, artists and activists, critical thinkers, dreamers, cultural boundary interrupters, change makers, hope givers. We are: CORRIE HOPE FURST, DANIEL LEONARD, JEAN BURGESS, LARKIN SCHMIEDL, LAURA MERVYN, REN FERGUSON, ROWAN PERCY, SHELLYSE SZAKACS and (guide) WENDY JUDITH CUTLER. With Guest Poet, TARYN MULDOON, from Nova Scotia (formerly Salt Spring Island and a part of the Queer Circle). Open to the public. In sponsorship with DAISSI and the SSIPL.

To register please email: programs@saltspringlibrary.com