Arthur Black

It’s rare to come across a Salt Springer who hasn’t heard the name Arthur Black. Living on the island since 1995, Black has made a name for himself with stories about his life. Through both written and spoken word, Black has made many of us marvel at the treasury of life experiences gathered by one man.

Born in Toronto, Black spent a large part of his life entertaining approximately 27 different jobs. You name it: he’s done it, and not all occupations were on par with hosting the radio show, Basic Black. In the time between his jobs, Black found three years to spend travelling. He lived in Spain. He lived in England. He hitchhiked all over Europe and was chased off the lawns of aging French women.

Black turned to writing because “it was the only job I couldn’t get fired from.” When asked who he writes for, he said, “I used to like to imagine that my audience was someone in a tavern, and I was telling them a story so that they’d buy me my next drink. But I suppose everyone is writing for their mother, in a way.”

These days Arthur writes a weekly newspaper column for 35 papers across Canada, a monthly article for Zoomer Magazine, and a bi-weekly column for CBC. That’s not to say there won’t be another book on the way. “Of course, I’m always working on my books, which are compilations of my other projects.”

The following are available Salt Spring Island Public Library:

And if that’s not enough, Black’s website claims he is available for hire to tell hilarious anecdotes at private and public events!