Kevin Patterson

Though born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Kevin Patterson spent most of his young life in Selkirk, Manitoba. In order to put himself through medical school at the University of Manitoba, he enlisted in the Canadian army.

It was during his time in university that Patterson began writing. Though he wrote for the student newspaper at the university, he also wrote short stories simply to entertain himself. “I was in the army as a doctor,” he says, “and that was quite dull.” Writing was a way keep him occupied during the long days. At the end of his service, Patterson pursued his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative writing at UBC while he worked as a doctor in the Arctic and on the coast of British Columbia.

Patterson moved to Salt Spring after sailing around the coast. He had always heard about Salt Spring while growing up in Manitoba as Timothy Findley lived on the island. Moreover, the dock by Moby’s was easy to get to, and the island “is a gentle, lovely place with lots of book stores and lots of smart people,” a writer’s paradise.

Currently, Patterson is working on a new book and is nearly finished.

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