4. Library Membership


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Most recent revision: June 2014
Reviewed by Policy Committee: Feb 2014
Reviewed by Board: June 2014

Policy Statement

The Library collection is publicly displayed and everything in it is available for use by the public. A library card is required for the borrowing of any of the materials available for loan.

  • Salt Spring Island Public Library cards are available free of charge to all residents of Salt Spring Island, Gulf Island students attending school on Salt Spring Island, and any other persons that the Board may designate.
  • All BC residents with any BC library card are entitled to borrow from the Library under the provisions of BC OneCard. Certain limits may apply.
  • Children under 12 must have the address and name of a responsible adult with current ID.
  • Non-residents of BC and BC residents without a current library card from their jurisdiction may borrow materials by purchasing a temporary visitor card.

To obtain a library card, a current piece of ID is required. Library cards for children under the age of 12 require the name and address of a responsible adult with current ID. Library cards must be renewed periodically and may be canceled if the card holder refuses to pay outstanding overdue fines, fails to return materials borrowed from the Library, or whose behavior in the Library is, in the opinion of the Chief Librarian, prejudicial to the operation of the Library. A charge may be made to replace lost library cards.

Conditions of borrowing

The number of library materials that may be borrowed and the loan period will be set by the Board and may be changed at any time by resolution of the Board. Library materials, with the exception of interlibrary loan materials, may be renewed. Library materials may be reserved.


In order to make books more available to others, fines are charged for overdue books, the amount to be at the discretion of the Board. The Library will take action to recover grossly overdue books after a reminder has been sent. (See Appendix B for current fine schedule)

Lost or damaged items

A patron is responsible for replacement of lost or damaged items. Material is considered lost if there has been no trace of it for a period of four months. The information about lost books will be given to the appropriate committee for follow-up.

Patrons are responsible for lost or damaged Interlibrary Loan books, as above, and for any other charges agreed to when the ILL request is made.

Association membership

All holders of Salt Spring Public Island Library cards are members of the Salt Spring Island Public Library Association. Adult membership in the Association allows the member to vote at Annual General Meetings of the Association, and to receive other privileges set from time to time by the Board, provided these do not contravene the provincial Library Act.