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Book Club Sets are being housed at Hudson’s Hope Public Library and are available for loan.  For a list of available sets please refer to the table at the bottom of this page.


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  • GoodReadsIncludes reader reviews, trivia, reading lists, etc.  You can choose to sign up and share book lists.
    An online book club that anyone can join.
  • Oprah’s Book Club
    Includes recommended book lists, author interviews and more.
    Includes reviews, previews, stories behind the books, author interviews, reading guides, and more.
  • Mostly, we eat!
    A long-running book club that includes recommended reads and advice on starting a book club.


Pub Date Author Title
22/08/2017 Bakewell, Sarah At The Existentialist Café
01/08/2016 Whittall, Zoe Best Kind of People, The
01/08/2017 Hood, Ann Book That Matters Most, The
17/10/2017 Al-Solaylee, Kamal Brown
2/05/2017 Patchett, Ann Commonwealth
18/07/2017 Thien, Madeleine Do Not Say We Have Nothing
10/01/2017 Chang, Janie Dragon Springs Road
06/06/2017 Umrigar, Thrity Everybody’s Son
27/06/2017 Cleave, Chris Everyone Brave Is Forgiven
07/03/2017 Hamid, Mohsin Exit West
06/09/2016 Towles, Amor Gentleman in Moscow, A
23/05/2017 Khadivi, Laleh Good Country, A
01/04/2017 Gyasi, Yaa Homegoing
24/01/2017 Fleming, Melissa Hope More Powerful Than the Sea, A
29/11/2016 Mackintosh, Clare I See You
28/02/2017 Haftlang, Zahed I, Who Did Not Die
05/05/2017 Hawkins, Paula Into the Water
18/04/2017 Grann, David Killers of the Flower Moon
18/04/2017 Bijan, Donia Last Days of Café Leila, The
01/11/2016 Brierley, Saroo Lion (Movie Tie-In Edition)
05/09/2017 Preston, Douglas Lost City Of The Monkey God, The
12/05/2017 Craig, Charmaine Miss Burma
01/11/2016 Chabon, Michael Moonglow
20/06/2017 Jiles, Paulette News of the World
21/02/2017 Jenoff, Pam Orphan’s Tale, The
21/02/2017 Kline, Christina Baker Piece of the World, A
01/03/2016 Beatty, Paul Sellout, The
07/02/2017 Carey, Lisa Stolen Child, The
07/03/2017 Finkel, Michael Stranger in the Woods, The
05/09/2017 Smith, Zadie Swing Time
21/03/2017 See, Lisa Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane
02/08/2016 Whitehead, Colson Underground Railroad, The
25/04/2017 Doctorow, Cory Walkaway
14/02/2017 Hunter, Georgia We Were the Lucky Ones
01/04/2016 Hashimi, Nadia When the Moon Is Low
11/04/2017 Meyers, Randy Susan Widow of Wall Street, The
04/04/2017 Shattuck, Jessica Women in the Castle, The