Richard Moses

Richard Moses is no stranger to the power of words. Growing up in upstate New York, Moses spent his childhood following the wanderings of his father, a Methodist minister. Though his father never published anything but minister writings, “he knew how to tell a good story,” says Moses. “I sort of picked it up, and I suddenly realized I could write well.” So it’s to be expected that, when he settled in Ontario, he found himself writing weekly columns about anything he wanted. Because of the sheer amount of freedom, Moses sometimes had trouble finding something to write about, but “once I start to get at it, it flows right along,” he says, “but getting at it is the problem”.

It was Edmonton of all places that brought Richard Moses to Salt Spring Island. He needed to escape from the prairie winters, thinking “If I fall down one more time, spin out one more time…” In 1995, he visited some friends in Victoria, and during this trip he spent a week casing out the island. Having just retired, Moses found Salt Spring was the place to be. While on the island, he cofounded the local radio station, CFSI, and now devotes most of his time to its upkeep.

Richard’s book, By Degrees, is an account of his voyage on a freightliner. He had kept journals of every minute detail of the journey, and these details resulted in a book. The book is meant both for hardcore adventurers and armchair travellers – the people who might, one day, like to take the same kind of trip. Having never lifted a finger to advertise his books, Moses is regularly surprised to receive royalty cheques for the book published in 2002.