Library Summer Camp 2020

Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Public Library Summer Camp! Let’s answer a few questions! 

A free, weekly camp offering safe, socially distanced games, stories, and crafts with a weekly nature-based theme. Our programs will align with the BC Summer Reading Club theme for the week, more information about which can be found here. A list of themes can be found at the bottom of this page.

Children between ages 4 and 14 can sign up for our Summer Camp program offerings on different days, based on age group!


June 22 – August 28

For ages 4-7:
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Drop-off: 10am
Pick-up: 12pm

For ages 8-11: 
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Drop-off: 1pm
Pick-up: 3pm

For ages 12-14: 
Drop-off: 10am
Pick-up: 3pm*
*Lunch not provided

All programs will begin and end at the library on McPhillips Ave., although camp will also explore nearby areas, including Peace Park and Mouat Park.

You can sign up for a week (or multiple weeks) of our Summer Camp by calling Summer Camp Program Coordinator Jacob Richardson at (250) 537-4666 (ext. 239)

Week 1: What’s the world made of? Watersheds, Geology, and the Ocean
Week 2: How do things move? Migration, Animals, Seed Dispersal
Week 3: What’s in your backyard? Foraging, Gardening, Fort construction
Week 4: Where are we going? Evolution, Climate Change
Week 5: What’s out there? Planets, Astronomy, and Eclipses
Week 6: What can we imagine? Legends, History, and Mythological Beasties
Week 7: Why is Earth so weird? “Aliens,” Fungi, and other Wacky Things
Week 8: What is an explorer? Maps, Compasses, and Geocaching
Week 9: Whose home is this? First Nations, Reconciliation, and Native Species
Week 10: What can I do? Projects, Information, and Making a Difference