Teen Volunteering

Did you know that the library’s volunteer positions are available to youth as well as adults? Volunteering at the library is a great way to start or expand a resume, get reference letters, earn course credit, and fulfill graduation requirements.

Volunteer Application forms are available at the library or can be downloaded and printed.

Download: Library Volunteer Application
Download: Volunteer Handbook

Many of the positions require no previous experience. Training is given as required. Some responsibilities of library volunteers include:

  • Select new books for the Young Adult Collection
  • Help with shelving and special projects
  • Create featured book displays around the library
  • Supervise children’s events

We also offer summer and year-round paid positions for students. To see what positions are open right now, please view our current Job Opportunities.

  • Saturday Students work alternating Saturdays throughout the year. Duties include shelving, working on the circulation desk, helping set-up events, and assisting with the weekly overdue books list. There are two regular positions and a backup who fills in when needed. When openings become available, they will be posted on the library website, the high school jobs board, and the Salt Spring Exchange. Applicants must be GISS students or home-learners aged 14-18.
  • Summer Students work on the circulation desk, plan and present children’s programs, assist with library social media, and work on projects. Each year, the library hires up to three Summer Students, who work together as a team, full-time for 8-10 weeks, beginning in early June or July. Applications for this position are posted every April, and applicants must be Canadian Citizens ages 15-30 who are returning to school the following September.
  • The library also occasionally has funding for to hire students at other times, such as during spring break. Keep an eye out for these positions on our website.

For more information, talk to Nikky McCarvill, Librarian, or email her at nmccarvill@saltspringlibrary.com.