Teen Programs

Teen Book Club

To join our Teen YA book club, email ahughes@saltspringlibrary.com.

The Teen Book Club is a bi-weekly meeting of youths aged between 13 and 19. Come join us over Zoom for an hour of lively discussion about whatever book we are reading that month.

All readers welcome!





Youth Writers Group

The Youth Writers Group will be an online group that meets every two weeks to write together. This is a place for all young and aspiring writers. We will meet over Zoom, for two hours at a time. If you are currently working on a project or just looking to start writing, come join us for some inspiration. There is no expectations or requirements other than a love for writing. This group is open to short story enthusiasts, mystery lovers, poets, biographers and everyone in between!

Email teens@saltspringlibrary.com with all inquiries.