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Building Information

Building Features

  • The floor area totals approximately 12,500 square feet on two floors, plus a crawl space.
  • All of the library’s collections are located on the main floor. The areas allocated to each collection and function reflects both current needs and how the library is expected to function in the future
  • The building includes a Teen Zone, and large Children’s Library.
  • The upper floor contains the library workroom, a staff kitchen and break room, the Archives storage and workroom, computer terminals, storage, and a washroom.
  • The shelving plan allows for approximately 1.4 times the linear footage of the former building. All shelving is spaced wider apart for wheelchair access and is easily and conveniently accessible without undue reaching up or bending.
  • A 50 seat program space is available for public rental. That area opens to the lobby and the outdoor courtyard to allow for an even larger assembly space. The program space is accessible for events even when the library is not open.
  • Two 8-seat meeting rooms are available for rental to the public during library open hours.
  • Public Internet access on site.
  • Free wireless Internet access.
  • An enclosed, outdoor courtyard can be accessed from either the program space or the children’s area, but not from the street.
  • A “green space” with public outdoor seating is located at the front of the building.
  • The main floor of the building has a high ceiling as is usual in a library building; the small upper floor will be of average height. Together the two floors are below the maximum permissible height allowed by the existing Islands Trust bylaw.
  • The smaller upper floor is situated on the west side of the building and will be well set back from the front, so that the building’s appearance is not overwhelming.
  • All the features added at public request during the Library’s 2009 design process were retained.
  • The building was built to the LEED Gold building standard that was in effect in 2009.
  • Geothermal wells are used as the primary source for heating and cooling.
  • Solar hot water panels are used for hot water supply and geothermal regeneration.
  • The front door is visible and easily accessible from two handicapped parking spaces in front of the building.
  • We are able to conserve water and preserve site and ground water quality by using indigenous, drought resistant and hardy trees, shrubs, and plants which require no fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and minimal irrigation.
  • A bike rack is provided for cyclists.
  • Two charging outlets for electric vehicles are available.
  • All invasive plants were removed and replaced with indigenous species that are appropriate to the specific local environment.
  • The building setback allows for a proper sidewalk along the driveway from the parking at the rear.
  • Parking for twenty seven cars is provided with half of the parking spaces to be located under the rear overhang of the building.

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Ground Floor
Upper Floor
Library Floor Plan
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Chang Holovsky Architects Inc
107-2360 Beacon Ave,
Sidney, BC, V8L 1X3

Construction firm:
Knappett Projects Inc
555 Pembroke St,
Victoria, BC, V8T 1H3

Building Owner:
Capital Regional District
625 Fisgard St,
Victoria, BC, V8W 1R7