Frank Burnaby

Frank Burnaby is a poet, traveller, sailor, and storyteller. He worked as a gifted and successful lighting designer in Los Angeles for many years. After moving to Salt Spring Island, he devoted his time to raising his sons, writing, and creating a wilderness school for children.

Island Born is his first book. The memoir seeks to answer the question of whether it is still possible to voyage to an unspoiled place, not only on the globe, but within ourselves. In meeting this risk head on, Frank and Gayle’s voyage takes them to a reality of themselves that confirmed the bare whisper of that initial intuition. Together, they pull up anchor from the seabed of their culture and travel to a place where their determination, their romance, and their lives are challenged beyond the limits of each horizon, but they keep going.

Burnaby is currently working on a screenplay and another book.

A copy of Island Born is available at the library.

Writer’s works:   Island Born, Sandy Back Press, c2012.


Frank Burnaby photo