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Program Room Rental

If you choose to apply to book the program room then please download and fill out the Community Program Room Policy and Application and email to Call 250-537-4666 for more information.


That the Library meeting spaces will be available for use by profit and non-profit groups for a reasonable cost commensurate with other rental facilities in the community. All activities, programs and meetings conducted in the Library are subject to the general rules and regulations of the Library. Further, all users agree not to contravene the Criminal Code of Canada and all other applicable laws and statutes during their rental.
In order to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to all users’ rights to a healthy and safe environment, all event participants will avoid wearing perfumes and other strong scents in the library building and on library premises.

Restrictions to use:

  1. Failure to conform to the regulations established for the Program will result in a group or organization being denied use of the room.
  2. The Library reserves the right to refuse an application or cancel a rental if in the opinion of the Library such a rental represents a violation of Library policy. If the Library cancels a rental the user will receive a refund of all monies paid.
  3. The Program room is designed to be used for relatively quiet pursuits and is not suitable for events that generate undue noise, without prior permission.
  4. The user may be asked to provide proof of a minimum of $2,000,000 commercial liability insurance with Salt Spring Island Public Library as additional insured on the policy.
  5. The Library reserves the right to limit attendance. Note that the maximum number of people for the Community Program Room is 67 seated and 19 standing. With tables, the maximum is 67 seated.
  6. Setting up tables and chairs and other equipment are the responsibility of the user. The rental time includes the time necessary to set-up, take-down tables and chairs as necessary, vacuum and tidy the room so that the room is left in the same or better condition as it was found.
  7. Movies shown and music played at the Library must have public performance rights. Obtaining the license and all applicable fees are the responsibility of the user. Proof of public performance rights shall be provided to the Library prior to the event date.
  8. Users are responsible for their own promotion. Library does not advertise the events of users and does not post the event on the Library website or on the Library premises except for the public bulletin board. The Library only advertises and posts Library programs and programs by co-sponsored non-profit partners by previous arrangement. The Library must not be mentioned as a sponsor for an event or as endorsing an event unless previously approved by the Library Director or the Library Board. Advertising of the meeting or event must not imply endorsement by the Library of the content of the program or event; however, in some cases the Library may request sponsorship on all publicity items. In cases of co-sponsorship with the Library, the booking fee may be reduced by prior arrangement.
  9. If liquor is to be served at the event, the user is responsible for obtaining a license and ensuring that the server has “Serve it Right” certification. A copy is provided to the Library in advance of the event.
  10. An event may be postponed or cancelled if required by BC Health Authority orders.

Application process:

  1. Fill in the proposal/application, available from the Information desk at the Library or download from the website. NOTE: Filling in the form is necessary but does not guarantee a booking.
  2. Generally, payment is due on booking unless by special arrangement.
  3. The booking is confirmed when payment is received.
  4. For Library Co-sponsored events, a proposal/application form must be received and reviewed by staff. If applicable, payment and/or an Audio Visual Use fee and Cleaning Deposit will be due on booking.
  5. The user assumes responsibility for all personal injury as well as for all damage to Library facilities resulting from the Sponsor’s use of the Library for its activity.
  6. If required, the user will provide proof of liability insurance as noted above in Restrictions to Use.
  7. Fees for rentals are as per the attached schedule. **Please note the Cleaning Deposit and Audio Visual Use fee.
  8. The user is responsible for reasonable clean-up of the room after the event. Vacuuming is required. Additional cleaning charges may apply if the room is not tidied or if excess spillage occurs.
  9. For cancellation of bookings made more than two weeks in advance, rental fees will be refunded. If a booking is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the Library reserves the right to not refund the rental fee.

Room Rental Fee Schedule:  (subject to change)

Program Room

  • $40/hour (includes use of tables, chairs, podium, etc.)
  • $200 Daily rate (8 hr maximum)
  • $20 fee for Audio Visual Use fee (includes training)
  • $10 Replacement fee for lost access card or key
  • $25 Cleaning Deposit – Standard (when required)
  • Up to $150 Cleaning Deposit for a fully catered event (when required)

Meeting Room 103 & 106

The meeting rooms may be booked at any time that the library is open, except Meeting Room 103 cannot be booked on Fridays.
The meeting rooms are open seating when not booked.

  • $10/hour or $50 per day 

For bookings, please download the Community Program Room Policy and Application

For book launches, please download the Book Launches Policy and Application

For bookings of the outside area of the library, please refer to the Outside Use Policy and Application